Successful guest blog posts/articles are comprehensive, data-driven and interesting, they teach and guide our readers whether its about social media marketing, location based marketing, Mobile marketing, business culture, Internet culture etc.

Feel free to submit your best post/s to guestpost [at] socialevolutionism [dot] com as a guest feature on the blog. We are always open to accepting guest posts, however they must be exceptional articles that will help the audience of better their online presence through digital, social media information and content creation advice.


Guest Blogging Guidelines:

Please read the following guidelines carefully so your post has the best chance of being accepted:

  1. Posts should be well-written, concise and beneficial to the Social Evolutionism’s audience. Emphasis should be audience engagement, content creation, and overall digital/social media for businesses. Posts should be clear, top-grade advice for approval to maintain the integrity and high-level information of the site.
  2. Please provide a 3-5 sentence bio with your article. A picture of the writer IS required, so that the audience can make a visual connection with the writer. (Picture and the bio of the writer with links to 2 social accounts will be included at the bottom of the post).
  3. The team at reserve the right to edit your work. This is only to make sure the work is up to par with the content of the site, not to change your thoughts or points of view.  Edits will be provided for your approval before publishing.
  4. All articles submitted to Social Evolutionism should not be published on any other site, including your own. Posting a blog post on your site to let people know about your guest article at Social Evolutionism is fine, but the article itself must be exclusive to Social Evolutionism and no identical copy should appear elsewhere.
  5. Articles will preferably be submitted in HTML, format ready. This makes a lot easier for editorial team, but will accept Word documents if it’s too difficult for the writer.
  6. Photos are highly encouraged and should be formatted and credited appropriately.
  7. No affiliate links are permitted and self-promotional in the body of your article is not allowed. You can do that in your Aurthur bio.
  8. Back links to your site only where appropriate. Links to your site within the article should only occur within the content if they help back up your argument and educate the reader with more information. Otherwise, the bio is where you can share your website.
  9. All writers must reply to comments and engage in discussions from their guest post. If you do not respond within a reasonable time frame, your bio will be removed as well as any links. 

If you wish to submit, send in your post to guestpost [at] socialevolutionism [dot] com If you would like to submit a proposal for an article to see if it will be of interest first, that would be absolutely fine.  The team at Social Evolutionism still reserve the right to reject any article that is not of a good fit, but we are happy to provide constructive criticism for those who would like to try again.  Feel free to send in any questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing your posts!   – Harin (CEO & Chief Strategist)

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